About AirSpace

We create impactful customer experiences through design and branding.



Our Clients...

Range From Messy Start-Ups To Global Enterprises

So we can appreciate different business and cultural perspectives.
Our company specialises in the creation of ideas, visual identity experience, content creation and strategic thinking that translate into brand experiences. Work sectors include Hospitality, Media, Marine, Healthcare, Education, Finance, Food & Beverage, Logistics, Communications, Construction, Technology, Travel, Non Government Operations and Publishing.

We Believe...

Everyone Is A Designer

We build workshops to unlock that potential and create brands that connect with people.
Experiences help create the best ideas. Our workshops provide experiences that are challenging, exciting and yield insights.

We Work Towards...

Beautiful, Research Driven Design Experiences

We help organisations discover new methods for doing business and build bold visual triggers to standout. We care about the details which help us create meaningful design experiences that also builds customer confidence and attitudes.
We do not need to follow a template or design process. Sometimes, the journey to creating strong, brand design is to discover an all important detail or an alternative way of working. We are not accountable to a network and do not have a checklist to fulfil when it comes to our approach. 

Change is necessary

Design, Like Online Content, Needs To Be Agile

AirSpace is constantly experimenting within the digital and physical space to empower consumers and clients.
Great design is never finished, never complete. You can always do more or remove more. Brands need to constantly evolve because change is inevitable so keep on adapting, and be agile.