Pokhara – Yomsom,


Bjoern doing his McGyver thing to fix the exhaust of his Enfield.

Fixing a flat tyre at the many roadside maintenance shops.

Half way in the the Himalayas between Pokahara and Yomsom. It took 6 hours to reach this point around 3pm. We did not reach Jomsom until 8pm, meaning around 4 hours riding in the pitch black on the edge of mountains trails – not an experience to forget.

At the end of our trip and a 14 hour bike ride through the Himalayan mountains and the broken road back to Jomsom. Driving during the night is not recommended and slightly disconcerting as we navigated the craziness of truck and bus drivers

Naviagting a suspension bridge, one of many networking many of the villages throughout the Himalayas. First time was a bit scary!

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