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8 Steps To Generating Your Own Content

Grab some kids toys and make yourself some online content!

Bloggers, vloggers, social media teams all want to increase engagement with their viewers or customers. Sometimes at the expense of copyright infringement. Some bloggers claim to have no idea in the first place., and to be fair if my gran was blogging she probably wouldn’t know either.

Creating imagery for social media purposes can be a lot more homemade without the worry of unlicensed material. If you have some ‘skillz’ in photoshop then you’re away.

  1.  Brainstorm the story you are telling
  2. Use the words from your brainstorm to search on Google, Pinterest or with magazines.
  3. Make a couple of mood boards (you can photograph montages of imagery to use as content).
  4. Now you have identified some props, scenes or concepts, you can start looking for equivalent alternatives such as children toys, tools in the garage, utensils in the kitchen.
  5. Building stories. Now you have some props you can photograph them with your phone. Create stories with the objects that link to titles and paragraphs in your online article.
  6. Refer to your brand colours and use these in the arrangement of objects. If you’re feeling particularly creative get some aerosol cans and spray the entire set-up. Using the same effect for each photograph will build consistency across the blog post. It will build ownership for your blog/social media and add more appeal to the content.
  7. Take the objects and press them into Playdoh. Remove them and pour plaster of Paris into the mould, allow to set and spray them with your brand colours (see below).
  8. Photograph objects and add brush effects in Adobe Photoshop to add a more layered feel to the design.

For some design, inspiration check-out Dinovember on petapixel. Parents Refe and Susan Tuma created their own stories using their kid’s dinosaurs to create fun for their kids and a book deal in the process.

I added a speckled brush effect over the image to give it more depth.


This article was written by Mark Woodward.

All text and images are © Copyright 2017 Mark Woodward. All Rights Reserved.

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