Road Safety Action Kit

The road map

YOURS  (Youth For Road Safety), that acts to make the world’s roads safer for young people. We were asked by the YOURS team to work with them on an Action Kit. All their advice and wisdom (which was accumulated over 2 years) needed equally engaging graphics to bring it to life for their youth audience. Here lay the challenge; creating graphics that would appeal to a savvy, switched on youthful audience, and also engage older political authorities.

Designing for the audience

The result was a road map for the world. A world created out of paper. After all, roads are everywhere. Paper buildings, trees, people, vehicles and a landscape that was universal enough that any nationality could relate to it.


Inspired a new generation of young road safety activists across the globe. The Action Kit has reached tens of thousands of youth worldwide.

Driving force behind workshops in Sultanate of Oman, Cambodia, Kenya, Niger, Italy, St.Lucia and Belize.

The visual style of the kit has helped generate further funding from the World Health Organisation and Michelin.

The visual appeal of the kit has also attracted additional sponsors - TomTom and Johnson & Johnson.

The graphic design and infographics from the kit have inspired a new visual language for the YOURS brand.

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